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Film Schedule

Date TitleSeriesDirector

Apr. 25  6:00 PM
VOYAGE DE LA LUNE, FOR ALL MANKINDRice Space Institute Film Festival 2014Al Reinert
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Apr. 26  4:00 PM
APOLLO 13Rice Space Institute Film Festival 2014Ron Howard
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Apr. 26  7:30 PM
GRAVITYRice Space Institute Film Festival 2014Alfonso Cuarón
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Apr. 27  4:00 PM
ALIENSRice Space Institute Film Festival 2014James Cameron
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Apr. 27  7:00 PM
THE WAR OF THE WORLDSRice Space Institute Film Festival 2014Byron Haskin
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May 3  5:00 PM
THE RIVERTsai Ming-liang
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May 3  7:00 PM
VIVE L'AMOURTsai Ming-liang
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May 16  7:00 PM
Gaza, Tarzan and Arab, Xenos, The DanceHouston Palestine Film FestivalTarzan and Arab, and more
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May 17  7:00 PM
MAY IN THE SUMMERHouston Palestine Film FestivalCherien Dabis
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May 24  3:00 PM
UNDER THE SAME SUNHouston Palestine Film FestivalSameh Zoabi
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May 24  5:00 PM
A WORLD NOT OURS, XENOSHouston Palestine Film FestivalMahdi Fleifel
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May 24  7:00 PM
OMARHouston Palestine Film FestivalHany Abu-Assad
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